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App development

If you are a brand that sell services or products, say clothes, jewelry, gadgets or any other product, it is more than necessary to have an app for your brand. It can give customers better options to engage with your brand and order straight away with a buy button!
But developing an app is a skill and may not be part of your plate just like an app development service; we can’t produce an aesthetically pleasing clothing line or any other product that you are proud of!
Therefore, we will educate you about how the development process is taken out thoroughly so you can be worry-free and focus on your next product. We develop a mobile-friendly version of your website quickly and easily is to develop an app on WordPress. WordPress is a well-liked content management system (CMS) for building webpages and blogs. Therefore, we can convert your WordPress website into a fully functional mobile app with the correct tools and plugins.

WordPress Website Creation

A WordPress website is essential if you don have already for your brand. Utilizing a selection of templates and themes is easy as WordPress is free and open-source and makes it simple to put up a website.

Select a Plugin
We will turn your website into an app using a number of WordPress plugins. WPtouch, AppPresser, and WordPress Mobile Pack are a few well-liked choices. We have the resources and expertise to use these plugins to give your users an experience to make app.
Release your App
Once you’re pleased, you can upload it to Google Play or the App Store. To submit your app for evaluation on these platforms, you must first register. Once it has been approved, consumers will be able to download your app.
Make your App Unique
We will customize your app after selecting a plugin. The app can have its color scheme changed, new features added, and other adjustments made it and feel like your website.

Push Notifications
One of the best strategies to maintain user engagement with your app is utilizing push notifications. These are communications that are delivered straight to a user’s device. To enable push notifications on your app, we use a plugin like OneSignal.
Test your App
Testing the app extensively before releasing it to make sure everything is in working order. To test your app on a simulator or a device, we use programmes like Xcode or Android Studio.

Landing Page for your App
A landing page is a page that is intended only to promote your app. This page should offer a download link, app screenshots, and a feature list.

What We Offer in Unity App Development

Mobile Games
Our dedicated team delivers efficient mobile unity based game applications working seamlessly across multiple devices according to your requirements.
PC Games
Our experts provide 2D/3D unity PC games with quirky features, effective pricing, and strong capabilities with the usage of the latest tools and methodologies.
AR Games
Augmented reality is taking the world in almost all domains. We provide eminent AR applications with high graphics to give you a near to reality feel.

VR Games
Our staff is well experienced in 360 unity game development by using the latest VR development strategies to deliver immerse and captive designs.

Native Mobile Apps

Ze-Tech create a native mobile app from your WordPress website and offer your app users an authentic mobile app experience.

Publicize your App
You’ll need to advertise it after it’s made accessible for download. You can utilize social media, email marketing, and digital marketing strategies to spread the word about your app.
Watch the Analytics
Keep an eye on the analytics to see how well your app is doing. To track user interaction, downloads, and other information, you can use programmes like Google Analytics or Firebase.
Maintain your App
You’ll need to update it when technology changes to maintain it operating correctly. Similarly, you can use this plugin to create the app. These methods will help you create a fully functional, user-friendly WordPress app that is also mobile-friendly. WordPress is a fantastic choice for app development because it is user-friendly and has a large community of supporters. With the appropriate tools and plugins, we design an app personalized to your requirements and objectives. Additionally, a plugin makes it simple to update your programmes and keep it operating correctly over time. If you want to know more how we execute all the processes, simply click to hire our services!

Our Services

Advance and latest tools and techniques to provide scalable, user-engaging, and excellent performing android apps for your business. Our experienced agile-driven team can develop apps in any modern programming language like Kotlin and java

Interactive Design
Our app designs intrigue unique, user-engaging, and edgiest prototypes depicting your brand.
Android App Testing
Rigorous and automated testing to ensure every module of android app quality, in-depth bugs detection, and eliminates all failure routes.
Custom design layouts
Our developers make the custome app designs unique, attractive, and effiecent.
Custom Animation
With our animation APIs, you can build custom animation to enhance UI controls.
Enterprise Mobility
Get the customized android app to increase user accessibility, strategical automation to get multiple sales channels for your business.
Android-Web based Apps
Get outwardly staggering, pertinent and intuitive android-web based apps or convert your web-based app into native android/iOS application.

360 Mobility Solutions

High-performing Android apps for companies among all of the industries.

Shopping Apps
Travel Apps
Logistics Apps
Booking Engines
Lifestyle Apps
Gaming Apps
Social Networking apps
Healthcare Apps

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