E-commerce Migration

TakeTech World provides the Ecommerce migration process of moving the front end and/or back end of your ecommerce store from one platform to another.

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Give New Start to Your E-Commerce Website

Do you have an online shop that just isn’t making any money? We have extensive experience in the realm of internet shopping. We provide our knowledge in developing and organising e-commerce operations to aid in your digital strategy in your market, producing projects that show steady increases in both growth and profits.

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Why Migrate With TakeTech World?

A migration might open the door to new clients for your online business and guarantee the continuity of your service. You may get professional help developing a strategy and developing digital marketing methods from those who are qualified to do so. This is a deal-maker for the success of your project.
SEO for E-commerce
How about always attracting new clients without ever having to shell out money for a single click? Using digital marketing methods, you may increase your business’s organic traffic and sales. We have a system in place for our E-Commerce SEO project that uses highly qualified individuals to aid in the identification of the intended audience. You may also rely on our technical support staff to answer your questions at any time of day.
We develop tailor-made projects, considering the environment where your business is inserted and the profile of the public to be impacted. We focus on aligning design and performance, delivering projects that are easy-to-use, simpler and attractive, while at the same time with high-speed and responsiveness.
E-commerce platform
Since Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Magento are the best, most recommended, and most reliable SaaS e-commerce platforms on the market, we only work with them. This allows us to create the most professional-looking design, most secure infrastructure, and most scalable solution for store owners of all sizes.

E-Commerce Monitoring

With the Google Tag Manager, our experts will install Google Analytics on your e-commerce to tag all the important information, such as:
User visits by channels such as Social Media, Adwords, Organic (SEO)
Add to Cart Clicks
Use of online store filters
Sales report (e-commerce)

Why Should You Partner Up With TakeTech World?

We are committed to providing you with the best marketing strategies by truly understanding Your Vision, Your Goals, and Your Competition. We can assist you by optimizing your unique content and attracting your targeted audience through our reliable and successful marketing techniques and digital strategies.

Easy Access
You can reach our skillful and dedicated Web Experts all 24/7
Deadline Oriented
We follow the deadlines that we have committed with clients and deliver on time
Competency Parameter
We try our best to fulfill our commitments on timely manner and with the best results
Challenge Seekers
We love to work in competitive and challenging environment and complete our tasks all well
Quality Service Providers
We believe in serving our clients with best quality Websites Design and high level of efficiency
Client Support
We are ready to serve after sales and provide quality maintenance of services

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